Emma Rodgers is an internationally successful sculptor whose work explores the dynamic relationship between form and movement.

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The Beautiful Agony of Survival - Spiritus
Emma is currently exhibitng at Galerie Alice Mogabgab in Ashrafieh, Beirut as reported by India Stoughton of the Daily Star and Le Orient le Jour

Liverpool FC Presentation Plaques
Emma was honored to be commissioned by Liverpool FC to design and produce presentation plaques for Liverpool FCs 2013 pre season tour.

January 2014
The Mayors Hope Fund
Liverbird sculpture by Emma Rodgers signed by current Liverpool FC

September 2nd October - 11th 2014
"Spiritus" Emma Rodgers - Galerie Alice Mogabgab Beirut
"Spiritus" In this forthcoming exhibition I will be focusing on an expansion into statement by omission.

June 6th-14th 2014
"Best Of British" - Singapore
The Annual Best of British celebrations dedicated to the best in culinary, fashion, art and entertainment.

June 2012
Galerie Alice Mogabgab - Animal - Beirut
Animal is curated by french film maker Luc Jacquet - best known as the writer director behind "The March of the Penguins" and the "Fox and the Child".

July 2012
Le Don du Fel - Gallerie du Don - Fauna Britannica
Emma is currently exhibiting at the Gallerie du Don featuring both her her own and collaborative work with Elaine Peto.

March 29th - April 1st 2012
Art Paris - Art Fair
Emma will be exhibiting at Art Paris in the Grand Palais - Paris, a high qulaity international art fair.

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Bronze - Skydancer - Emma Rodgers

I continually try push the boundaries with my work in terms of ideas, expression and the use of materials. The main aspect that initially drew me to bronze was the strength.
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Ceramic - Mother and Child - Emma Rodgers

I endeavour to avoid my work appearing over handled, but stretch and tear the clay often to the point when it splits and breaks to accentuate the surface. This forms an essential part of an investigation into statement by omission.
Download image brochure of Emma's work in PDF format