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Clatterbridge Cancer Charity


This piece denotes the season of early spring and the inspiration for the sculpture is from a phrase “After the winter must come the spring”.

I think this describes all life and nature simply but beautifully - growth, renewal, hope, love. These are emotions which I hope patients feel during their care at Clatterbridge. This also links to the Winter Gardens here where it is sited. The tree is hand sculpted and fabricated from stainless steel, patinated with highlights of gold leaf. Detailed silhouettes of the leaves are layered to give the impression of light breaking through on a sunny day.

The leaves are cut individually, however they are actually silhouettes of Doves, the symbol of Clatterbridge. From afar they appear to be foliage on the tree but on approach you realise they are flocks of birds flying through the landscape. The flock of birds will grow over time due to Doves being added from people donating to the charity, As I wished to create a piece of art which people can be a part of by sponsoring their own dove, an eternal symbol of love. By purchasing a Dove you can help provide much needed funds for such an important charity. Sponsoring a dove is a personalised, long lasting and meaningful way of helping the charity to improve cancer care, and that there is also the added opportunity to have one on display in your house or office

The Winter Gardens is a beautiful and peaceful space, allowing patients, visitors and staff some time to contemplate and breathe in fresh air or simply relax and catch up with friends. Having artwork and environments like these are so  important  for the patients. My mother has been cared for at Clatterbridge for the last 10 years and with our many visits it is such a welcomed calming space to the hospital, that will continue to evolve, and I feel privileged to be a small part of this, and can’t wait to see the doves start to spread out across the walls of the Winter Garden 


Patron of Clatterbridge

I am enormously grateful to the pioneering work that The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre regularly undertakes as their dedication to seeking the best treatments and the most advanced techniques saved my mother’s life. I was so pleased when they asked if I would act as an Ambassador for their Appeal as it gives me a chance to do something positive as a thank you for all they have done for us as a family. The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is expanding its services into the heart of Liverpool, whilst still retaining its sites in Wirral and Aintree. The new cancer hospital – which will be Liverpool’s first – will bring cancer care to the centre of the 2.3m population served by this fantastic hospital, meaning more people will have easier access to treatment and advanced clinical trials than ever before. I am so proud to be part of this once in a generation project.

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