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De Lacey Fine Art

Supporting Salford Ceremonial Mayor’s Charity Appeal


I am delighted that De Lacey Art Gallery will be hosting a special event in aid of The Ceremonial Mayor of Salford Charities. The occasion will feature the stunning sculptures of acclaimed sculptor and artist Emma Rodgers. This will feature the maquette of the “Salford Firsts” depicting a celebration of ground breaking achievements that happened in Salford first in the form of a beautiful bronze horse and also the bust of the late great Salfordian Anthony “Tony” Wilson.

Tony Wilson was fundamental in the promotion and consequential world fame of the Salford/ Manchester music scene as well as a brilliant journalist.

There will also be a great choice and display of other brilliant works of art to purchase in the gallery in time for Christmas with the ongoing exhibition, featuring local artists from Greater Manchester.


We hope to raise much needed funds for the following Salford charities:

Salford Loaves and Fishes

Animals in Distress

Salford Childrens Holiday Camp


These charities do great work with helping the homeless, caring for sick and injured animals and helping under privileged children.


Salford’s Ceremonial Mayor, Councillor Ann-Marie Humphreys

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