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Salford Lads Club

Salford Lads Club opened in 1904 as a purpose built club for boys. Allan Clarke and Graham Nash grew up in Salford and were members, later forming the rock group 'The Hollies'.
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Salford Lads Club was a purpose built community club for boys, established in 1903. The club was opened in 1904 by Robert Baden-Powell. Past members include footballer Albert McPherson, Allan Clarke and Graham Nash. (The club still has a copy of of Graham's application and his father's). Allan and Graham formed the rock group 'The Hollies' and Graham then went on to form Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. 
The club rose to fame when 'The Smiths' posed in front of the building for the cover of their third studio album, 'The Queen is Dead'.


The Hollies 

Formed in 1962, the group originally included Allan Clarke, Vic Steele,  Graham Nash,  Eric Haydock and Don Rathbone. The Hollies, with Allan Clarke as frontman and guitarist went on to enjoy 25 hit singles between 1963-1972 including chart topper " I'm Alive". Despite Graham Nash leaving The Hollies in 1968 to form Crosby, Stills & Nash, the group went on to enjoy a superb year with the singles "Sorry Suzanne" and " He ain't heavy, He's my Brother"

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