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Dance of the Illustrious Dragon

Created by Emma Rodgers & Jacob Chan

This tea set was inspired by the Prime Minister of Singapore as a celebration of his name Hsien Loong which means Illustrious Dragon and was given to him by his father. Hsien Loong’s Zodiac sign is the Water Dragon therefore fluidity was also a key part of the design.

Jacob Chan created the thrown form of which Emma Rodgers sculpted and added details of the Dragon flowing around the teapot. The main body of the piece is the Dragon gliding through water, the cups are each organically formed with claws breaking through waves. Layers of celadon blue/ green coloured glazes were then applied to translate an aqua palette.

Text is hidden within the form and each section is inlaid with fresh and salt water pearls linking again to the water it is finished with highlights of 24 carat gold.

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