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More Than A Game

Permanent display at Singapore Cricket Club

A Pair From Paridise

Private commission by collector Terry O'Connor

British Club Singapore

Best of British Singapore National Critics Choice

"I am absolutely delighted that the internationally acclaimed sculptor Emma Rodgers has agreed to take part in this years’ Best of British. There is such a buzz around her in Britain right now where her profile, as one of our top artists, is about to become huge. She is already acclaimed internationally for her exquisite, often challenging, but always accessible pieces.

Her work is admired by some of the world’s foremost art connoisseurs and gracing the private collections of Hollywood stars, international royalty and investment bankers. It’s also made it to the movies and will soon be scene-starring in a well known major motion picture series. Contractual agreements between Emma and the film’s producers mean I can’t yet reveal the extremely famous name of the movie.

But by The Best of British opening in June we hope to unveil her “statuesque movie stars” as a Best of British exclusive as part of a bijou exhibition of Emma's work showcasing in Singapore for the first time.  To celebrate the Year of The Horse she is creating - and donating - a unique ceramic sculpture of a horse as an auction prize at the Exhibition Ball. And inspired by Singapore itself, a place she loves and has visited many times, she will also sculpt and gift her version of your Merlion.

“It’s such an honour to be invited to be part of Best of British. I love Singapore. The sheer vitality and beauty there are breathtaking and life enhancing,” said Emma. “I hope my pieces help the British Club not just promote British talent but raise a lot of money for its charities.”   

Both pieces should have a minimum reserve in the region of  £2,500 (sterling). So for a bid you too may join the ranks of the world’s finest art collectors. News of Emma’s one-off creations for Singapore will create further excitement amongst her global fan base who are mesmerised by the alchemy of her work.

She almost magically sets in stone a life force, the fleeting spirit of  animals and dancers that act as muses to  her imagination.

Angela Somarta, head of the highly prestigious The John Moores Painting Prize and The John Moores Painting Prize in China , says Emma’s  talent is remarkable and that her place in a Best of British pantheon is deserved.

“Emma has really pushed the boundaries of British ceramics to make such distinctive works that encapsulate, somehow, the actual spirit of whatever it is she depicts,” says Ms Somarta. “And her work in bronze does the same with that medium. It is completely unique. She is unique.” And Best of British is unique. I feel so privileged to be part of it. Part of you. To be in Singapore is always one my life’s greatest  pleasures. To help fly the flag for what’s Great about Britain brings a tear to my eye and  joy to my heart.  It’s strange but true, I never  feel more proud to be British than in Singapore with you. Can’t wait to get the BOB 2014 party started!"

Emma Rodgers

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